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  With over 15 years experience in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange),
  we know how critical EDI is to your business. You need that part of
  your operation to run smoothly and we can help you do just that.

  You use the EDI document management software (developed by
  ourselves) that we offer, to process the purchase orders and any
  other documents that you exchange with your customers. It is simple
  to use, user friendly, smart and practically does everything for you.
  ASN creation and UCC128 (MH10) labeling are integrated and

  We also help you with EDI consulting, implementation and integration
  so that you end up with an EDI environment that meets your unique

  We have extensive experience dealing with the EDI requirements of
  the big retailers like Wal-Mart, Sears, Home Depot, Target, Federated
  Department Stores, JC Penny, Staples, etc. This is important to you
  because it makes your life a lot easier and minimizes the risk of charge
  backs or penalties.

  We are also experienced in EDI integration with your accounting and
  order processing and shipping systems.


 Custom Software

 You can count on a pool of software
 developers with at least 20 years
 experience in project management,
 system analysis, system design and

 Our commitment to you is to deliver a
 quality system or a program that is easy
 to use and works as per your
 specifications. We achieve this by
 working closely with you and employing
 state of the art programming techniques.
 We offer competitive software solutions
 for small to medium size projects.

 Please contact us to discuss your


 EDI Related News

  Integration with JobBOSS

  Our EDIRobot program takes the 
  purchase orders your customers 
  send you on EDI and puts them
  directly into JobBOSS as sales
  orders, using XML.  No more sales
  orders data entry and all this
  process occurs automatically and
  without human intervention.

  EDIRobot works in the background,
  checking periodically for any
  purchase orders coming on EDI,
  prints them, creates the JoBOSS
  sales orders and emails you notifying
  you what it just did.

  JobBOSS is a widely used job shop
  software for job shops, custom
  manufacturers and high-tech shops.

  EDIRobot was designed to easily
  integrate with MRP, order entry and
  accounting systems for purchase
  orders, sales orders and invoices.