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    EDIEngine is a smart, state-of-the-art, very user friendly, EDI document management package.

    It is a modular system consisting of a core, or basic module, and one or more retailer modules.  It grows with
    your business because you add retailer modules as you need them.  For example: you need to go on EDI with
    Sears, you get EDIEngine with the Sears module.  Later on, when you start selling to Target and Home Depot,
    you add the Target and the Home Depot retailer modules.

    This software package is for small to medium size companies that are vendors or suppliers to the major
    retailers. In EDIEngine you receive all the EDI documents from all your customers.  From there you:

    1. Print reports that aid you with your purchase order processing and shipping like:

    2. When you are ready to ship, you simply select all the purchase orders you are shipping. The EDI documents
    summary screen organizes the purchase orders by required ship date so that, at a glance, you see what you
    have to ship on any given date. You tell EDIEngine how you want to pack them.  You have several options.

    3. Print the MH10/UCC128 bar-coded carton labels, created by EDIEngine, that go with the shipment.  You
    can print them on either thermal label printers or LaserJet printers.

    4. Create the Advanced Shipping Notices, ASN (856).  EDIEngine does this with minimum input from you. 
    Depending on the type of purchase orders, the ASNs are created per distribution center or per store.

    5. Create the Purchase Order Change Acknowledgements (865), if needed.

    6. Create the Purchase Order Acknowledgements (855), if needed.

    7. Create the invoices (810).  The invoices are automatically created from the EDI purchase orders, either at
    the purchase order level (one invoice per purchase order) or at the store level (one invoice per store). 

    8. The Payment Order/Remittance Advice (820) is automatically exported to an Excel spreadsheet, with
    summaries at the invoice, ASN or purchase order level.  It also cross-references the 820 with the
    corresponding invoices and/or ASNs.