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   About Us



    About Us
    Alcyone Software is a client and service oriented company based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada that focuses
     on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software solutions. 

     Alberto Rangel is the main force behind Alcyone Software; he has over thirty years experience in all areas of
     software development of which fifteen have been in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).  Alberto designed and
     wrote EDIEngine and EDIRobot, the two EDI software systems that our clients use to process their EDI

     We value our clients and take pride on our products and strong client support.  Our interest is mainly in
     establishing long term mutually beneficial business relationships and we can only achieve that with top quality
     products and above average client service.

     With us you get a solutions provider who is totally committed to making your EDI operation run smoothly and
     giving you a competitive advantage by being EDI ready and successfully handling the EDI requirements of your
     customers and prospects.