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     Our clients provide the main input to the design of all our software; that's because we think the software
     should adapt to the way you work and not the other way around. We are continually improving our software 
     to make it more efficient and easier to use with the aim to minimize the amount of training that you need. 
     We give you all the training required to make you proficient in the use of our software.

     EDIRobot is like EDIEngine but works in the background with no user interface, automatically. It needs another
     in-house application system, like an inventory/warehouse management system to work with. EDIRobot 
     translates and passes the data from your EDI customer to your in-house system and receives data from your
     in-house system to create the invoices and ASN (Advanced Shipping Notices) to send to your EDI customers.

   Click here for more information about our EDIRobot

    Product Brochure (PDF) 


     EDIEngine is a full stand alone EDI document management system that looks after all the EDI documents you 
     trade with your EDI customer and it is geared to the retail industry. There is a lot of very friendly and intuitive 
     user interface and it is not dependent of any other in-house system that may have. It is ideal for small to 
     medium businesses suppliers to the big retailers that want to have their EDI in-house to have total control of it.
     Click here for more information about our EDIEngine.