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   EDI Installation Setup
     You don’t have to take time away from your day to day business; we do the complete installation setup for
     you, which typically covers the following:

     1. Identify your EDI customer requirements. We contact them, double check what documents they need to
     trade on EDI with you (e.g. purchase orders, invoices, ASNs, etc.), get and review their EDI mapping
     documentation which lists their unique requirements for each EDI document, exchange EDI ids, etc.

     2. Select a communications provider (VAN - value added network), if you don’t already have one, and arrange
     for your EDI mailbox. This mailbox is where you will receive all the documents that your EDI customer will be
     sending to you.

     3. Setup any cross reference tables like store addresses, inventory items, etc. that you might need.

     4. Testing which involves receiving test EDI documents, sending back acknowledgments, making sure the
     communications provider (VAN) is moving the data without problems and that the documents you send to your
     customer conform to their unique requirements.

     5. Parallel testing.  This is exchanging live documents both manually and on EDI until both parties agree that
     everything is going OK.

     6. Going live, production, with your customer.

     We train the person(s) that will be doing the day to day EDI in the use of our software and, if needed,
     coordinate the training for any other EDI related software that you might have to use, like a translation
     software (e.g. Gentran:Director).

Technical Support
     You have all the technical support you need on the use of all our software. For this you will require a
     Maintenance and Support Agreement (MSA) that entitles you to customer support and free periodic regular
     software updates.

Custom Software
     We offer custom software development related to your EDI applications, like integrating EDI into your in-
     house systems.

     Our software developers are all very experienced programmers and systems analysts and we subject all our
     software to rigorous quality controls so you can be sure that you end up with a product that not only satisfy
     your needs but it is user friendly and works without problems.

      EDI Installation Setup
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